Estate Administration

The death of a loved one can be a difficult time for family members and for those who have been appointed to handle the complex tasks of administering and settling the estate of the deceased.

Attorney Diane M. Zabowski provides legal advice in the area of Estate Administration to ensure compliance with Pennsylvania Law.

Whether or not a Will is in place, Diane has extensive experience in guiding the Personal Representative through the Estate Administration process from start to finish.  Her experience with the rules of the local County Orphans’ Courts is invaluable and will ensure a professional and timely result.  Specifically, Diane can assist with the following:

  • Advising the Personal Representative of the Estate of their Legal Obligations as a Fiduciary.
  • Probate the Will and/or have an Administrator appointed in the absence of a Will.
  • Assist the Personal Representative with the gathering and disposition of the decedent’s real and personal property in a timely manner
  • Notifications to Insurance Companies, Banks, and Governments Agencies
  • Preparation of the PA Inheritance Tax Return
  • Preparing the final documents to close the estate, including Family Settlement Agreements, Releases, Formal and Informal Accountings.

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